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Jardala Seeds is a modern seed bank specialized in the selection and preservation of new high-quality feminized cannabis lines, including autoflowering strains. Starting from a select collection of cannabis genetics resulting from years of work and selection, we work on the design of new breeds. All Jardala Seeds strains are especially sweet, aromatic and palatable.

Our genetics are fully adapted for both indoor and outdoor crops. Easy to grow, productive and very aromatic varieties. The seeds of Jardala Seeds are selected one by one manually, after a meticulous inspection only the best seeds are packaged.The conservation of the seeds is carried out in conditions of low humidity and low temperature, in this way we ensure the best preservation of their germination power, When our seeds are packaged, they have passed a 95% viability in the germination tests.

At Jardala Seeds we use modern and reliable methods for the feminization of our seeds. Jardala Seeds’ seeds have a femininity that is around 99%. Our seeds are presented in packages of three different formats: 1 seed, 3 seeds and 5 seeds. These formats make it easier for our customers to acquire feminized varieties at a low cost, they also allow diversifying the purchase, being able to have access to a greater number of varieties.

The packages contain the seeds in a rigid, transparent and totally hermetic tube, allowing the customer to observe their appearance. We do our utmost to offer our customers a high quality product at an affordable price. Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our customers. Our sincere thanks to all those who have trusted in our project since 2007 and we hope to please you with this exquisite selection of sweet and aromatic varieties.


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