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John Sinclair Seeds is a selection of connoisseur cannabis seeds which honour quality with robust genetics and continue to push forward the march towards worldwide cannabis liberation.

With over 50 years of cannabis activism and subsequent cannabis consumption, renegade poet-activist and once manager of the MC5, John Sinclair has evolved a skilful taste for the highest quality buds.

Granting Ceres Seeds enourmous honour, John Sinclair helped to develop a total of six stable F1 cannabis varieties. All of these John Sinclair favorites are handpicked and diligently selected: Trans-Love Energies (sativa), Viper (indica), Amsterdam (skunk) White Panther (indica x sativa) Zenta (sativa x indica) and the auto-flowering MCM (indica).

merican poet, writer and radio maker, John Sinclair has made incalculable contributions to cannabis legalization and is celebrated as a heroic icon of American counterculture and of cannabis activism in particular. After he was arrested for giving two joints to an undercover narcotics officer in 1969 he was sentenced to the unusual punishment of 10 years for mere possession.

“It ain’t fair, John Sinclair In the stir for breathing air” – John Lennon.

John’s arrest and cruel sentence sparked the landmark ‘Free John Now Rally’ held in Ann Arbour, December 1971. Due to the continued pressure to release John, by his friends on the outside and his own campaigning, a huge event was planned to include John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, David Peel, Pete Seeger, Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffmann, Jerry Rubin, and others. John Lennon recorded and dedicated the song “John Sinclair” to the cause, and included it on his album ‘Some Time in New York City’ (1972).

Thanks to this high profile contribution to the concert and the massive protests against Sinclair’s imprisonment, the “Free John Now Rally” was an unimaginable success. After the gathering, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the state’s marijuana laws were unconstitutional. John was released from his cell three days after the freedom rally, after having served two of his ten year sentence. The arrest and release of John Sinclair remains an iconic success story for the counterculture movement and for worldwide cannabis liberation.

John Sinclair has long been fond of the liberal laws practiced in the Netherlands. He has spent more than 19 years studying the consequences of its decriminalization from his unique perspective. John continues reporting back to the people through his writing, poetry, radio broadcasts and activism. In 2005 John became affiliated with fellow cannabis connoisseurs at Ceres Seeds and worked closely with the team in Amsterdam to select six potent strains, which mirror his particular taste and requirments.

Developed over 57 years of serious smoking, these genetics exhibit the finest sativa and indica strains anywhere. Ceres Seeds is happy to donate a part of the benefits harvested from John Sinclair Seeds to The John Sinclair Foundation, which in turn helps to support John’s on-going cultural projects such as RadioFreeAmsterdam. “Its All Good” John Sinclair.

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