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Just A Handful

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Long time Canadian grower, known on the Canadian scene for having all the old school strains popular in the 90s in Canada.

Creator of strains such as Blue Moon, Big Mother Skunker and LolliPurps. Known primarily for their Island Sweet Skunk and Blueberry crosses.

 With Canada’s movement towards legalization, my goal is simply to offer reliable products and genetics to my fellow citizens to contribute to a successful grow at an affordable price.

When a single 3 foot plant can produce thousands upon thousands of seeds, why should we be paying on average of $20.00 per seed when I will sell the same genetics for $2.50??I am not here to make a profit, simply to share what I have collected over the past 20 years.

We specialize in iconic Canadian ‘legendary’ strains, and work to preserve these fabulous  genetics. We quite simply love these beautiful ladies and want to share the work of underground Canadian breeders who have contributed to the cause (before it was overtaken by Corporations). 

While maintaining these Iconic strains, we are also mixing these these old school genetics with what is legally available to Canadians to be the genetic bridge between the old school and the new school…using these old genetics cross-bred with clones provided to registered ACMPR growers by various Licensed Producers.

We have cheap cannabis seeds available while still providing superior genetics. Our cheap marijuana seeds may be the least expensive in North America, while being fresher than those from seeds banks.

Our focus going forward is on feminized cannabis seeds for only $6.00 a seed!!


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