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Kalyseeds specializes in unusual hybrids between cannabis and Japanese hops.

After years of experiments the first crossings of the new, so-called PAC-strains, are now available.

Our varieties have been grown outdoors since 1998 in order to obtain plants that are as resistant as possible. All over the world, breeders participate in the further development of the PAC varieties and the first generation of the Swag original is available in exquisite quality.

New hops with CBD and THC. The first generation are already tested and available. Medicinal smoke hops, the secret grass, is used in the same way as cannabis. The effect is optimal for medical applications, it is smoked as usual.

It immediately gives a pain-relieving and calming mood, an inner cosiness sets in and you forget to ask for a smoke for an hour in order to dampen pain and fear. This hops still offers a lot of possibilities, e.g. legally producing CBD oil, in order to forego more expensive cannabis that requires approval, it can also be grown on the windowsill. These medicinal hops have up to 12 percent THC and 7 percent CBD. PAC varieties on offer, colorful varieties and … … nettle-like cannabis plants … … are on offer. We have some great tasting Swag original variants. Purple and Green …

And different types of Ortigas, named for their simple leaf. Similar to a stinging nettle. There are many new genetics among the Ortigas varieties. Varieties with this look are not only inconspicuous, the yield is also impressive. The range of seeds is available as long as stocks last!