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Amsterdam Holland: KERA CLASSIC

Kera Seeds has over 12 years of experience in the coffeeshop branch. This is how we know which types of cannabis are popular in Dutch coffee shops. We’ve put all these popular types in to our KERA CLASSIC coffeeshop selection.


At Venice Beach (Los Angeles, California) you’ll find remarkable types of cannabis. Whilst the types of cannabis in Amsterdam are mainly those with a high yield, most of the ones from Venice Beach have a unique taste sensation. This gave us the idea to cross these two unique traits. For example, we have crossed the White Widow with a couple of unique American types of cannabis like the Trainwreck, OG Kush and Blue Berry. You’ll find these one of a kind crosses in our KERA CALIFORNIA selection.

Seeds of perfect quality

All of our seeds are feminized so they’re easy to grow yourself. Our seeds are also grown and selected with the utmost care. This way you can be sure that you’re buying seeds of perfect quality from us every time.

Seeds at the lowest price

Our seeds are affordable. On average our seeds are 25% cheaper than other premium label seeds. This way we’re making A label seeds affordable for you as well.

Why Kera:

1. Dutch quality
2. 100% pure Genetics
3. Affordable prices
4. Unique strains
5. Excellent service