L’Artisan du Bonheur

L’Artisan du Bonheur

Artisan Seeds, for recreational or therapeutic use

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The Artisan marijuana seeds were created with the desire to offer the best varieties of cannabis seeds regular shaped, while genetics are today increasingly Once only available as feminized seeds.

The first worked for Artisan variety was the Dutch Passion Skywalker, a crossroads of Mazar x Blueberry very famous in the early 2000s.

After a great job of selection and breeding, Artisan F2 could propose a version of this variety in the form of regular seeds and save this precious gene for the pleasure of all.

Safeguarding the best varieties of marijuana

The variety Skywalker was then crossed with a male of the Warlock variety of Magus / Serious to create the powerful variety Skylock.

Moreover, the variety is a hybrid crystal Boom cross between a landrace Lebanon male and female plant variety Sonic Boom (UK pinepple X Pursang # 6).

And finally, the latest addition to Artisan Seeds, the Seven September, the result of a cross between Strawberry Bubba (Bubba Kush X Strawberry Diesel) and very resinous Sandstorm Cannabiogen.

We note that the Skylock and Crystal Boom varieties are well adapted to growing in SOG, with a huge central bud and few side branches, while the variety Seven September will be perfect for growing in SCROG, with a form of bush and numerous side branches.

Artisan Seeds, for recreational or therapeutic use

Marijuana seeds Seeds Artisan acquired an excellent reputation, particularly in the field of medical marijuana, thanks to the numerous seeds distributed among North American patients but also thanks to all the momentum you put into your work.

Some growers, probably you had the luck to find in the past, thanks to the generosity of Artisan, some of their genetic within our gift options.


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