Little Chief Collabs

Little Chief Collabs

Home to the fan favourite - Tangie Ghost Train Haze!

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Little Chief Collabs is not your typical seed bank. Offers a selection of highly specialized limited edition marijuana seeds, co-created by some of the best breeders in the industry. Little Chief is the affectionate nickname of the PureSativa boss. Little Chief Collabs’ goal is to combine PureSativa’s extensive knowledge and experience with that of other world-renowned seed banks.

The result is a meticulous selection of limited edition marijuana strains. Flagship mother plants from individual seed banks come together to create exclusive and elite specimens. After what they are sold and shipped under the Little Chief Collabs brand.

Little Chief Collabs is motivated by the desire to empower the next generation of breeders to develop their skills while reinforcing the ideology of quality over quantity. The union of several companies in a collaborative environment benefits both the industry and the consumer. The sector expands its knowledge of cannabis cultivation, and the consumer can access elite varieties never seen before.

Little Chief Collabs feminized marijuana seeds are supplied in specially designed bamboo containers adorned with the logos of the partner companies. These seeds are available from PureSativa.