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Special seeds for South American soils

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Despite being only seven years old, Maconha Seeds Bank is opening up space by leaps and bounds among growers, entering the Chilean, Brazilian and American markets (mainly in California) with particular force. “In Brazil we are already a well-recognized brand, but in Chile we have been surprised by the good reception they have given us. I think that in general in Chile there are very good growers and they have learned to be well informed, so they know how to recognize when a bank is of premium quality

The strength and productivity of the plants native to the jungle are mixed with the best flavors and varieties of Europe to find a unique marijuana that stands out for its balance and flavor. Compact, productive and high medicinal value plants mark our catalog that every day gains more fans in the world and mainly in South America and Europe.

Finding productive, powerful and tasty plants has been an arduous task, it has been years of work stabilizing seeds that stand out for their balanced genotypes, which allow us to clearly recognize the traits that make each variety in this catalog unique.

At Maconha Seeds Bank we have opted for a feminized catalog highly focused on the highest quality. For this reason, of all the alternatives that we used, only our five best and most stabilized genetics managed to find a place in our commercial catalog. For many growers, the secret and great treasure of Maconha Seeds Bank is hidden in our collection of automatics.

Eight varieties of the highest quality that offer you varied effects so that each grower finds the right herb for his person and needs, achieving something that no other bank has achieved, maintaining high levels of THC without this meaning a low CBD. Thus achieving the excellent harmony between recreational use and medical use.


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