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Mamut Seeds, the first cannabis seed bank sensitized with everyone and with our entire environment, wishing to share the most exquisite classic and contemporary varieties meticulously selected to satisfy all the wishes of our valued customers.

Year after year we have developed crops and experimented with all kinds of genetics from the most inhospitable corners of the planet, thus being able to contrast camouflaged genetic characteristics that many of them have hidden. As a result of this exhaustive work, seven exceptional hybridizations selected, obtaining after multiple generational crosses, homogeneous and stabilized plants, using a pure ancestral Asian: AFGHÁN. Meticulously selected specimen of this variety, worldwide appreciated for the characteristics developed during its flowering cycle; Speed ​​and Productivity.

The fruits obtained are transformed into strong, very productive and exuberant plants, full of intoxicating aromas and intense flavors, covered with a thick layer of crystalline resin glands. Our seeds therefore hide precious and fruitful plants capable of generating fabulous gardens.