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Why we love what we do.

For those just discovering Mephisto Genetics we are a small outfit of autoflower enthusiasts, founded by two friends in 2012 we’ve now grown to a team of 8 people split between two continents.

Combined with amazing help from real world and online friends alike we’re putting out some of the best automatic genetics available today.

We’ve been on a fantastic journey and now we’re ready to take on the world.

We differ from most seedbanks, we take a ‘no smoke and mirrors approach’ and actively invite our fans to watch and help in our breeding adventures.

We document our strains from conception through to release, typically over 5 generations of breeding. Ask another company about their genetics and the history of their strains, and likely you’ll get a robotic, bland response. That’s not the case with us.

We do all of our work in-house. From selections, to pollination to de-seeding. If you buy your seeds directly from us it’s likely those seeds will have only touched two pairs of hands before yours.

We work with the finest genetics, either exclusive clone-only strains from around the world, or rare seedlines that we make F2’s from and then select our new photo-period parents from.

Small company of autoflower seeds breeding the world’s best ruderalis.NO DMs

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