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Ministry of Cannabis is a top breeder of high quality cannabis seeds. After more than 15 years on the global market, we are pioneers and recognized as one of the most prestigious in Europe. Our offices are based in the centre of Barcelona City (Spain) while the production of feminized seeds is located in The Netherlands and Spain.

Our Clients range from individual growers to professionals, and other small and stablished major Companies. We ship all over the World trough our Online Shop (, our commitment and trademark is to offer you Superior Quality, 24 to 48 hours Shipping, Discreet Packaging, and Guaranteed Germination ®, package tracking and assistance. Our seeds are top quality on the market.

More than 15 years of expertisse in genetic development and test rooms in three different countries validate us. Visit our Facebook page and read thousands of reviews of happy customers around the world!

Our project follows three main lines. The first one, is to maintain a continuous availability of classic cannabis strains (for example, the White Widow variety) in its female form. The second one, is to improve classic strains such as Big Bud from which we developed Big Bud XXL achieving a higher production. Finally, to innovate and offer strong original strains we developed over the years. Out of this effort, we are very proud to have introduced popular strains such as Carnival, Zensation and God’s Glue into the global market.

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