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You won’t be able to buy seeds directly on his site, their seeds are sold in third-party stores. You will find them by following this link:

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Mosca Seeds-Craft Quality Cannabis Genetics

Internationally known and Award Winning breeder Mosca Negra (known simply as “MOSCA”) is the driving force behind Mosca Seeds.  Mosca is known for producing only High Quality Marijuana Seeds from Indica and Skunk strains that originated from only the finest cannabis genetics.

Mosca is particularly known for preserving and protecting strains such as Cinderella 99 and Old Time Moonshine for all growers to enjoy. Some of Mosca’s best known strains include Blueberry Gelato, Raspberry Boogie, Moonshine Cookies, Legend OGK & Double Zero.

The Mosca Seeds Team have been producing the Highest Quality Strains for over 13 years and have been awarded Multiple Cannabis Cups in Europe, several IC Mag 420 1st Place Cups in Amsterdam, and most recently won silver in the 2019 4/20 High Times Cup in Sacramento. Mosca Seeds has earned the respect of cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. Grower reviews worldwide have praised the excellent quality of Mosca Seeds Strain Genetics. Mosca Seeds– Always Fly with Quality!

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