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Pacific Seed Bank is a reputable breeder and seeds vendor. Find all information, reviews, coupons and discounts.

We’re a group of seed-savvy horticulturists, medical professionals, and business aficionados who’ve spent more than 20 years concocting and hunting down the best strains in the biz. We weren’t born yesterday, which means we’re not fooled by big talkers in the weed industry – we know how to spot the good stuff, and we work our fingers to the bone to bring it to you.

We’ve got marijuana seeds. Like, lots — and lots — of marijuana seeds. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a new growing looking for three seeds just to get your feet wet, or the owner of a major growing operation (a legal one, of course) who needs thousands of seeds, well, yesterday. We can hook you up. Our library of more than 150 strains is always growing. We’re always adding new breeders, new varieties, new ways to experience all the amazing benefits of marijuana. Because, since you’re here, we know you believe in the benefits of marijuana.

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