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PevGrow is a Grow Shop that has more than 5000 references for sale, and more than 3000 types of seeds from more than 100 banks, including PEV Bank Seeds, our own genetic bank (since 2014), seeking to offer exclusive varieties to a more than reasonable price.

Everything started more than a decade ago, when Alan Martinez, always eager for new ideas and projects, decided to fulfill one of his dreams, and that was none other than to found his own Growshop online in Spain. In order to do so, he brought together some good friends, with extensive experience as professional breeders and together we decided to embark on this difficult but so exciting challenge, which to this day and thanks to the trust of our customers, continues to grow and grow.

More specifically, our base is in Valencia (Spain), the city where most breeders are concentrated and where probably the largest number of seeds in the world are produced, so we had to be at the “heart of the matter” for a clear competitive advantage.