Pilchard’s – Caviar Bodega

Pilchard’s – Caviar Bodega

We are a collective of true cannabis connoisseur

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Pilchard’s got born within the dramatic developments of 2020. To explain our history in a little bit more detail, we invite you to join us for a short time travel: 

March 2020, Spannabis just got canceled, Spain and Austria go into lockdown. A few individuals spread out over the entire continent spend increasing amounts of time talking to each other on the phone – fighting boredom together.

One omnipresent thought comes up in every talk – this time should be used better than just for chilling. The crew spends nights talking to each other, eating together, laughing, sometimes crying. Former business contacts become friends who realise they share one common idea for cannabis in Europe. 

All agree cannabis has improved their life. As educated consumers, everyone in the crew knows of risks and side effects that come with cannabis. All agree that adults should be allowed to choose freely, whether they want to consume cannabis or not. Prohibition comes with downsides for everyone involved. The fact that there are still thousands of Europeans going into prison for cannabis-related crimes every year, while Northern Americans repeal convictions already, is sad proof of the antiquatedness of European cannabis politics. This needs to be changed. Pilchard’s is one of our means to support legal cannabis in Europe.

As business professionals, we acknowledge the economic potential of cannabis. There is a demand for great cannabis genetics, thus, there are suppliers. Given the growing diversity of suppliers and strains, outsiders face increasing difficulties to differentiate between good and bad players and products. Pilchard’s has decided on an easy solution: Focus.

We don’t launch new products, without having them tested thoroughly. Every genetic we offer is one of our favourites in thousands of strains available within our network. We decided to choose quality over quantity, now we are able to recommend every genetic we offer with a clear conscience. 


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