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First cannabis seed bank in Ukraine

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The first cannabis seedbank of Ukraine “PLANTAMASTER Seeds” was created by me in 2009, and helped me in this difficult matter my brothers – Rastaman from Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, England, Colombia and America.

My friends call me “El’Santo”.

Preservation and augmentation of the Ukrainian gene pool of varietal hemp and the selection of new varieties with the Ukrainian genetic line in recent years has been akin to my obsession, because it would allow obtaining varieties with a predetermined medical effect, the most optimal for my diseases. In fact, this is not an easy task. Try to smoke Iron Curtain Auto once at work to relieve migraines – and you are unlikely to be able to work. And if for the same reason you prefer the Amnesia Original variety in the evening, you may be visited by insomnia and mild paranoia.

That’s it, having set a goal to obtain a variety of marijuana with the optimal medical effect for me, and several stable hybrids have been made, which are offered to you in the store. The seeds of the brand “PLANTAMASTER Seeds” were the first officially marketed cannabis seeds in Ukraine, and they could be bought from my good friends in offline rastoshope “Souvenirs from Amsterdam” in Kharkov, Ukraine until 2015. Answering your numerous questions in the mail I inform you – in recent years, because of the war in Ukraine, the store in Kharkov has no financial opportunity to buy our seeds, to my great regret, our cooperation with this store has stopped.

Plantamaster Seeds – an expression of my desire to share with European consumers of medical cannabis those varieties that for several years have been successfully used by my friends for therapy of various diseases and rest, and therefore I offer you only those grades that I received or tested myself. Also, I’m happy to offer you marijuana seeds of well-known and well-proven varieties offered by our friends – growers, suppliers of world famous sidbank in Europe, America and Canada. The quality and germination capacity of cannabis seeds are repeatedly checked, so unpleasant surprises like dead seeds or low-pot plants are virtually eliminated and I can guarantee the quality of our seeds, which today can not afford to every seedbank.

Some varieties reflect my personal preferences and are grown for pleasure, but the main assortment of “PLANTAMASTER Seeds” is all the same medical grade. It’s not a secret that almost 50% of the cost of branded seeds is the cost of advertising and marketing. Wholesale buyers get cannabis seeds “PLANTAMASTER Seeds” very little more than their cost, since I do not plan to engage in marketing and advertising, so I have the opportunity to offer commercial growers and dispensaries quality seed at a record low for genetics of this level. In the retail store of our site, you can purchase a small amount of seeds in the original packaging for testing (if your country of residence does not prohibit the cultivation of marijuana) or in souvenir packaging to replenish your collection All those who grew our plants invariably evaluated our varieties in an excellent degree and expressed confidence in the undoubted success of our genetics.

Now every Grover can see this personally, having grown any of the varieties he likes. But do not forget that in many countries the cultivation of marijuana is criminally punishable and a disdainful attitude towards the criminal code can seriously ruin your plans for the future.


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