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Cannabis Seeds from around the world together with sustainable eco-friendly gifts such as hemp bags and hemp products

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Here at PureSativa we decided to source a wider range of high-quality products broadening our scope and entirely ascending into the cannabis industry. This has allowed us to become a well-established Official UK and Europe Distributorfor some of the most well-respected and reputable brands in the market. Throughout our years in this industry it has been vital that we continue to work exceptionally closely with all our brand partners. Through maintaining these relationships, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality products, the most exclusive drops and best service.

Contesting to be a valued and exclusive cannabis seed distributor we have been privileged to be put on the map by some of the most infamous seed banks in the industry. Being supported by and equally supporting these notorious brands such as Serious Seeds, DNA Genetics, The Cali Connection, Karma Genetics, Paradise Seeds, T.H.Seeds, Rare Dankness from the launch of Puresativa’s career. This has allowed us to establish a high level of trust and respect within these long lasting friendships.

It is fundamental that we only take on seed banks that share our same values of hard work and determination. Constantly striving to grow, our brand partners all share the same commitment by persistently producing strains of the highest quality. This is achieved through rigorous testing and dedication to their art form. These highly acclaimed seed banks have paved the way in the cannabis seed industry hugely influencing and facilitating resources for the newer brands of today such as The Plug Seedbank and Little Chief Collabs. It is essential for us to support the newer generations providing opportunities for the brands that we know have outstanding products and results given the correct conditions. Although a cliché we strongly believe in the ideology ‘quality over quantity’; a crucial mindset that everyone at Puresativa adheres to. Consciously working with a limited number of seed banks we only want to provide our customers with elite strains created by connoisseurs.

We work with brands who guarantee to surpass industry standard and therefore boost the competition, producing products that set themselves apart from what is readily available. Beyond distributing and retailing cannabis seeds and Hemp Bags we offer an expansive assortment of smoking paraphernalia from Bongs, Rolling Papers & Tips, Storage Containers to Grinders such as Space Case Grinders whom we have distributed for over 15 years. With the reputation of our community being ‘green’ we are unfortunately one of the biggest perpetrators of negatively impacting our environment with the amount of plastic wasted. Santa Cruz Shredders have introduced a solution to help reduce our carbon footprint, The Hemp Shredder. This biodegradable grinder is 100% natural with a compostable label as the perfect alternative to plastic. The grinder retains an excellent durability with sharp teeth guaranteeing to produce a fluffy grind.

ROOR Bongs was one of the first products we started supplying at Puresativa becoming a household name in the glasswork circles and smoking trade. Continuing to rise in popularity each piece is beautifully hand blown in Frankenthal by exceptionally trained artisans. The quality can be seen through the craftsmanship, depth and colour and continues to be one of the most favorited glassworks available. Additionally we also offer a range of vaporizers. In particular a selected line of PuffCo products such as the award winning electronic smart rig, the PuffCo Peak. PuffCo is brought to you by a group of connoisseurs with a succinct concept to provide a ‘clean, powerful and flavourful’ smoking experience. A group of engineers and designers helped achieve their vision creating this elite product to enhance your smoking experience. The PuffCO range is designed to provide a controlled, healthier and much safer experience.

In exceedingly high demand The Neutralizer has rapidly become one of our best-selling products. The Neutralizer is a 100% natural and highly efficient compact air particle purifier, successfully removing odours from your environment. It has won a prize for best European product from Britain and best European product at the Growmed 2013 expo, as well as two consecutive years for best paraphernalia product at the Spannabis expo in 2018 and 2019. The Neutralizer has become positively appraised as a multi- award-winning product which allows its stature to speak for itself.

Other best-selling items include the DR. Greenlove lollipops and OM Wellness, Two Lions CBD Oil, LIFT Tickets, RAW, Vibes products such as the rolling papers, as well as a plethora of other choices. We also offer a range of hemp cosmetics by Bottega Della Canapa and food by Dr.Greenlove and Hanf Natur Hemp Foods. As Hanf Natur’s exclusive UK distributor and wholesaler we supply an extensive range of their premium hemp foods. Hanf Natur provides food products of gourmet quality, which are delicious and also provide you with a healthier lifestyle. All of the Hanf foods are gluten free such as pastas, chocolate biscuits etc. as all products are made from hemp. Newer additions to the range include protein powder, muesli and herbal teas. Hanf Natur allows you to enjoy the healthy lifestyle whilst cheating with delicious snack and nibbles.

At Puresativa we pride ourselves upon our commitment and loyalty to both our customers and brand partners, which we believe sets us apart from alternative UK and Europe Distributors. If you are interested in us to distribute your product please do not hesitate to get in touch. Likewise, if you are a wholesale customer looking to register please do so here on our site or get in contact for further queries.