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Award-winning, Oakland-based growers collective cultivating premium cannabis

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They are breeders and don’t have online store. You can find their genetics only in selected US dispensaries.

Purple City Genetics is an Oakland-based collective breeding and cultivating California’s best cannabis phenotypes. Our genetics program is shaped by a deep connection to the plant and a knowledge base that is informed by California’s best growers and producers. We’ve been growing our plants for optimal health, potency, yield, and terpene production since 2008.

Responding to radical shifts in the cannabis landscape, we’ve adapted our breeding program by scaling-up our offerings with seeds and seedlings for large farms while maintaining the high standards of our genetics program.

We’ve built a lab within our nursery in order to systematize the testing and cleaning of our germplasm. We’re using well-established tools but also developing novel ones in our integrated lab to solve challenges we face with our own plants. We continue to be on the frontlines reshaping our collective to align with like-minded scientists, academics, and experts who are committed to preparing our community for the immense challenges facing cannabis and its long-time stewards.

We’ve been passionately growing some of California’s best cannabis in our Oakland nursery. Our work draws on decades of horticultural experience shaped by the plants we’ve devoted ourselves to.

From the outlaw days to the activism of the medical scene Oakland has been at the forefront of California cannabis. The criminalization of this magical plant and the drug war devastated our community. The rapid commercialization and industrialization of cannabis is threatening to do the same. We are deeply committed to equality in everything we do, from our nursery staff to the farms where our little plants and seeds realize their full potential. We have a responsibility to right the wrongs plainly visible in the history of cannabis as well as resist it’s subsumption into a bankrupt agriculture system.

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