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Founded by Scott Reach in 2010, Rare Dankness is a popular cannabis seeds breeder and has won several cannabis cups since 2011. Rare Dankness has a dispensary called House of Dankness located in Denver, Colorado. You will find Rare Dankness seeds catalog and flowers for sale.

Top Rated Strains

Find below the most popular strains:

Ghost Train Haze #1High Times 20144.5/525
Monshine HazeHigh Times 20114.3/518
Scott’s OGMichigan Growers Cup4.6/522
Star KillerColorado Cannabis Cup4.8/526

Important Notice:

Although Rare Dankness have 3 sites: raredankness.com, raredanknessstore.com and raredanknessgenetics.com, they do not sell seeds directly from their own websites, they sell seeds from thrid-party official distributors. Rare Dankness sites are not secure so check distributors if you want to buy Rare Dankness Genetics.

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