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Although we did not know it, the path of Raro Genetics Farm, was born in the last century, when some of the team members already began to collect exceptional genetics of that time. Although it is not until 2018 and after the union of a multidisciplinary group – engineers, growers, medicinal consumers … -, when the Raro Genetics Farm collection seed house is formally founded. We chose to use this name since all our work is supervised by Raro Genetics – Known in the cannabis sector, for its collaboration in the media, as well as for its defense of the medicinal use of cannabis-.

This seed house was born, with the aim of providing exclusive genetics, to the collectors of these strains. Which, either have been lost with the passage of time – we like especially the pure landraces – or have acquired a world renown. All of them seasoned with our unique seal in the form of CBD. Without forgetting the exceptional terpenic profiles present in our strains, which in addition to providing complex and unusual flavors. They offer special effects, caused by the synergy between the large amount of cannabinoids and terpenes present in our genetics.

These special strains are recovered in their non-feminized format – obtaining males and females – in order to respect plant biodiversity. This is how we contribute to the fight to preserve this biodiversity. Even so, we do not rule out in the future, to put at the disposal of CBD lovers, some feminized strain, specially created for collectors of these.

Because our seeds are ultra-limited edition and to ensure the authenticity of these, with all our seeds we attach a numbered certificate of authenticity. Which also accredits the number of containers made of this strain, as well as the numbering of said container. And signed by Raro Genetics, thus providing its guarantee seal.


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