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When we created the Reggae Seeds bank in 2006, we had already been growing for years.

We search and select genetically to bring you the crosses created in those little treasures that fit in the palm of your hands.

The seeds that you can buy here are carriers of high concentrations of CBD very suitable for medicinal use.

Our crosses come from very stable varieties known in the cannabis world, this is a guarantee of quality.

The plants of the Reggae Family are a genetic selection that have, as a common denominator, a very suitable structure for indoor cultivation, low and little branched plants, and also acclimatized to be grown outdoors.

Why regular seeds in a feminized market?
We learned to grow with regular seeds and we have done very well. We have learned to differentiate between males and females, to select mothers and fathers, to make our own genetic crosses and to have exclusive mothers.

At Reggae seeds we believe that males are very important, with them we have the power to collaborate in the creation of more genetic diversity in cannabis.

We like to consume natural and biological products, without genetic manipulation, without chemicals, for the good of our health and the conservation of plant species.

But experience has shown us that working with feminized ones it is possible to achieve excellent genetics and that is why we also offer the Funky Experience line, our feminized ones, quality crosses.

We hope that our varieties will make you enjoy them, in the same way that we enjoy them. May our minimal contribution to the world of cannabis serve to recover the cannabis genetic wealth so punished during the last century.

Reggae Seeds we are a team, not just people. We include plants in our team, they are an important and essential part of our work.

The most essential person on the team, Jimi, our breeder. With more than 25 years of experience in non-stop cultivation, he is the creator of all the Reggae Seeds © strains.

The smell, the palate and the hand in the cultivation, in addition to the passion for cannabis and his perseverance and experience make him a good grower, creator of excellent quality varieties.

His enjoyment and good eye in cultivating and selecting to create, in addition to all the experience, make our Reggae Seeds® bank, we can offer you a catalog of varieties for foodies, with and without experience in cultivation.

Juanita la Lagrimosa, our star plant.
One of the plants that gave visibility to Ola CBD for its 1: 1 THC: CBD ratio and how widespread it is all over the world right now.

Juanita la Lagrimosa is a plant that has a very fine resin capsule and when you touch it, whether it is dry or green, it leaves your fingers wet.

Rolling a cigar of this herb, Jimi noticed this characteristic, David, friend and partner of crops and selections, said that it seemed that he was crying, we had a laugh and the name came up:

  • Juanita la Lagrimosa! – Jimi said.

With 1: 1 THC and CBD ratios, balance and ideal effect for many things, highly appreciated as medicine, for recreational use it is heart.

Here the one who writes, Anna, on the other side of emails and social networks.

Since I was little I have liked to germinate all kinds of seeds, take care of plants and gather their fruits, be they tomatoes, peppers, lettuce or medicinal plants.

Planting a seed and waiting to see a small sprout appear from the ground is magic, one of the ways of touching life and its cycles to finally collect and enjoy.

Caring, listening and accompanying our project to grow with texts, images, management and presence is my part. With the necessary tools, at all times and above all, learning from everything and everyone.

Reggae Seeds are a team of living beings that work to offer you quality cannabis seeds.

We are enjoyable of life, we love plants and they love us.

We are here to continue sharing and learning.

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