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Ripper Seeds, founded in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, has deep roots in the thriving Grow Shop industry of Spain in the early 2000s.

Drawing from this rich experience and a vast library of cannabis genetics, Ripper Seeds is committed to exceeding the expectations of the cannabis community. Their focus on yield, taste, and overall effect sets them apart.

The company’s dedication to innovation is evident in their emphasis on creating new flavors for the global market while ensuring potency, quality, stability, and reliability in their products. Their selection process is rigorous, involving the analysis of terpene profiles, resilience, structure, flowering times, production, and potency to guarantee only the finest strains are utilized.

This meticulous approach has resulted in a diverse range of high-quality seeds that consistently impress both connoisseurs and cultivators alike. Ripper Seeds’ unique branding, influenced by music and graphic design, pays homage to the underground counterculture, further solidifying their connection to their community.

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Online Reputation

General reviews of Ripper Seeds indicate a positive sentiment overall. Customers praise the strains for their potency, flavors, and unique effects.

Additionally, Ripper Seeds offers a variety of merchandise, including skateboards, t-shirts, posters, and accessories, which are available for shipping worldwide. This indicates a commitment to brand identity and customer engagement beyond just seed production.

In summary, Ripper Seeds appears to have a dedicated following, with customers appreciating the quality and diversity of their strains, as well as their merchandising efforts.