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Royal Dutch Seeds is your best online source for the best possible when it comes to cannabis seeds. Our goal is to provide you the highest in quality for the best price and delivered worldwide, so you can enjoy the best Amsterdam has to offer.

As the cannabis capital of the world, Amsterdam with its seed banks, is where the world turns to when they want the best selections. Ranging from some of the rarest strains to the most common one, its all available here and we will deliver it to your doorsteps.

Why us?

 At Royal Dutch we understand that people use cannabis seeds for multiple reasons, be they recreational or medical. No matter what your use for the plant, it all comes down to the genetics of the strain. Not only do cannabis plants have very specific needs to grow up health but different strains also grow up to provide varying results when used. Which is why it is important for growers to have the most carefully selected seeds with the right genetics.

Our seeds are selected after careful examination of the most dark and firm ones from each batch.  When you receive our delivery, you will find them ready for cultivation, with no immature or old seeds, as they can grow but take longer and we think you should be ready to start growing the moment you receive our seeds. We believe in delivering the most prime specimens for all your needs.

Our Story

Royal Dutch Seeds is the product of years of research and experimentation in the art of cultivating and germinating cannabis seeds. Having a great passion for the art, we devoted night and day to understanding what grows into the most ideal specimen and what effects the plants could produce. We experimented with different growing methods to learn about the conditions that individual strains require and we exchanged ideas with the best in the business at the time.

Ultimately, we realized that we had learned all that we could and it was time to share the knowledge in a way that best served others. That’s when the first seeds for this website started sprouting in the imagination of our minds and we set to work on learning how to best achieve our goals.

Our experience with growing put us in contact with all the right people ranging from expert growers to best delivery services and then we varnished our knowledge base by learning about the different laws in other major countries. Buying seeds also taught us important lessons in customer service, we picked up on some of the best techniques and saw solutions to difficult situations. Braved by our experiences and knowledge we decided it was time for the great launch. We had the knowledge. We had the resources. And all that was left was to launch the Royal Dutch Seeds into the world.

And so we come full circle. Much like the plants, our story started from a small desire to share with the world and culminated into this online store.