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Before our seed bank was created in 2007, RQS had long-time knowledge and passion for cannabis breeding. Following enormous interest in our strains, we opened our first shop in Amsterdam, the Damstraat location, in 2010.

In 2011 we launched the Royal Queen Seeds website. Propelled by continuous demand, we opened another shop in Amsterdam in 2015, at Haarlemmerstraat, and in 2016 we welcomed first clients in our shop at Carrer de Pelai in Barcelona, Spain.

Today, RQS operates in 17 countries in Europe and offers 90+ high-quality strains, growing equipment, growing advice, knowledge, tips and more!

Royal Queen Seeds, we never stop evolving. With our dedicated brand RQS Pro, we are working on developing high-quality seeds for the professional market, which will also improve the genetics available to every grower.

As leaders in the field of medicinal and recreational cannabis, we have the tools and the power to redesign the future of cannabis breeding. And with innovation and creativity, we make a positive difference in the cannabis community worldwide.

We are aiming for more stable and pure genetics to the benefit of both cannabis cultivars and the consumers. We are as excited about the green future of the world as each and single one of our valued customers.

Our motto is simple: If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics!

We believe in cannabis and its potential, and we want to help growers and consumers learn more about this mighty plant.

We do that by breeding and searching for the best genetics that will satisfy all types of cannabis consumers, by sharing our growing expertise, debunking myths and being on top of the latest studies and developments. We also strive to create and help the community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts and we invest time and resources to aid developments in the cannabis sector.

We love sharing our passion for cannabis with eager growers. Our goal is to deliver the best genetics. We support every grower.

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