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Seeds Of Africa

Africa Landrace Premium Seedbank

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Africa is home to some of the finest examples of Cannabis Sativa on earth and our intention has always been to share these pure “foundation strains”. African Sativas have not been given the justice they deserve and we wish to be a part of changing that. People have known Durban Poison AKA Durban Magic for many years and another firm favourite is Malawi Gold and Seeds of Africa have theses straight from source as well as other beauties.

Today a lot of strains has been modified to the extent that many have lost a lot of their original mystical power, giving way to the unnatural demands of today to produce quickly and with extremely high THC rates overriding the need of other cannabinoids . African Sativas are known to have high THCV levels which is not seen in other Landraces such as Durban Magic where as Swazi Gold is well known for its high THC level.

Seeds of Africa have some lesser know African strains like Coffee Gold and Apondo Mystic which also have benefits for you all to discover.

We consider ourselves preservationists, and along with passing on these genetics, we also want to share an understanding of where these wild landrace Sativa’s grow.

Reading our articles in our blog you will get a higher understanding of different Seeds of Africa strains and hopefully bring you closer to the plant itself. 

We hope that the rare phenotypes in each strain will be selected, collected and protected, claiming back the legendary Sativa strains of ancient Africa and the beauty, power and purity that are within them.