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Sensi Break consists of whole seedless inflorescences of high quality Cannabis light. Our plants, the result of a careful selection of the best genetics on the legal market, have been grown at 400 meters above sea level. in the territory of the Castelli Romani, an area of ​​volcanic nature not far from the sea and famous all over the world for the quality of the land and the healthiness of the air, as well as the protagonist of the oldest testimony in Europe of the presence of Cannabis sativa L. dating back to 11,500 years BC

We grow our Cannabis light with the utmost respect for the environment, according to a lifestyle choice that favors the protection and use of natural resources and that allows its conservation over time within an ecological balance.

Precisely for this reason our cultivation was carried out using a 100% organic substrate and without any use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers of a chemical nature.

Sowing, transplanting and selection, carried out to exclude male and less vigorous specimens, were carried out completely by hand, as well as harvesting and drying.

Once the product was dried, the inflorescences were trimmed in an exclusively manual way, followed by a tanning period of 2 months in order to guarantee an unsurpassed quality of cannabinoids and terpenes, which make Sensi Break a truly rare and exquisite product. for its organoleptic properties.

Sensi Break was founded in 2015 anticipating the change of italian hemp legislation and a new season of cultural opening in regard of the plant but we are growers since 2000.

We are working on cbd and cbg lines both from hemp landraces and high cbd strains from all over the world to keep it under Italian limit of 0.6 thc and create enjoyable flowers that retain the caracterisics of cannabis indica.


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