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High Grade hemp genetics. 30 years of direct Cannabis breeding experience

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A long-time plant enthusiast, Joe started experimenting with hybridizing cannabis back in the early 90s. His first hybrid was a success, yielding a large producing plant that is cold tolerant and has an amazing taste, smell, and high.

In 2012, Oregon’s medical cannabis program was expanding, and Joe was hired to head a cannabis breeding program for a cultivator’s incubator in Beaver Creek, Oregon.

Victoria got involved in 2015 as Oregon moved toward a full recreational market. Together, Victoria and Joe formed Lion Root Productions where they consciously cultivated connoisseur grade cannabis of medically significant cultivars. They first became interested in CBD rich varieties in 2014 as Oregon’s hemp industry was beginning its pilot program. 

As medical knowledge surrounding cannabis advanced, Joe and Victoria realized an opportunity to combine the two types of cannabis to achieve truly amazing medical benefits. They spent the next two years obtaining unique, medically significant genetics to begin hybridizing.

With the advent of Vermont’s pilot hemp program, Victoria and Joe founded 7Leaf Genetics at their beautiful Splendid Flower Farm in Morrisville, VT. 

Joe and Victoria’s roots run deep in the cannabis breeding world.They are constantly working on new cultivars, not just for medicine but also for fiber and bio remediation and auto flowering plants.

Joe and Victoria’s research and development began with finding and hybridizing two cannabis varieties that, when combined, yield a large, resinous plant that is well-suited to New England’s cool growing season. As they stabilized the genetic profile, they did a limited release of this hybrid in 2017 to select cultivars.

With its success, Joe and Victoria released their first cultivar to the public in the summer of 2019; the Cherry Bounce produces strong, high yielding, resinous plants that are cold and mold tolerant. Flower clusters quickly swell into each other to form resinous cola buds. 

After a few seasons searching for the winning plants, Joe and Victoria are working on an upcoming release of the popular T2 variety that’s improved for mold resistance and cold tolerance while maintaining its high oil content and massive yields. 

They are currently also in the middle of initial crosses of high CBG cultivars and hope to offer them in the near future.


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