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Here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, we pride ourselves on quality genetics. Over the years, the prohibition era has encouraged us to be our own source for genetics. Although we have relied on quality genetics provided to us by fellow growers, it’s been difficult to find quality source of seed stock – so we took it upon ourselves to start our own breeding program to continue improving our existing line.

In 2014 we released a seed line for production, which was available to growers. Over the years, we have created lines which focuses on terpene levels and resin production. Most of our lines are tailored for indoor production, however we have bread some lines for outdoor use.

Since 2014, we have released several lines, using our Cheesecake male from Mad Scientist Genetics. Highlights of this line include Jalopy, Fumunda Cheese, and Orange Strudels. We also provide ourselves in creating two of Vermont’s heritage strains:  Lemon Black and Rat Trap. We breed what we like to grow so you can get a taste of our exotic genetic collection.


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