Sumerian Seeds Bank

Sumerian Seeds Bank

Essentially, for us, it is a dream came true.

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The beginning, simple and modest, starts with a group of friends, passionate and cannabis lovers, who enjoy in harmony trying out all kind of varieties, as well as growing and studying in deep this beautiful plant that Nature has given away to Humanity.

As years went by, we personally started to collect and get seeds of high purity varieties “in many ways” throughout the five continents with which we started to experience, and to create new and improved varieties with the aim of satisfying our increasingly exquisite preferences regarding high quality cannabis.
Years went on and we started to work together with other professional Breeders of the sector to set and optimize our own genetic varieties.

An enormously laborious work of genetic engineering during many years of testing where it is worth to highlight the great achievements accomplished by our team with a great effort, sacrifice and dedication which has made possible that we could give our most precious achievements to all kind of customers according to their personal preferences and necessities.

Nowadays all the entire “SSB” team continues working restlessly trying to make it better day after day and keep improving and developing new and improved cannabis varieties.
Our main goal is to stand apart in our sector by our high quality product as well as by our high quality premium package hoping that all follower and cannabis lover will recognize the laborious and hard work hidden behind this dream come true.