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At Super Siberia, we strive to help portray the true and honest image of the benefits of cannabis, as well as providing premium cannabis-based products cultivated from sustainable organic farms. This means our CBD cosmetics are of the highest of quality, and made up of the finest flowers sourced from crops all over the world.

And as the world opens its eyes to the true wonders of cannabis, it’s essential to understand the importance of having a conscious well-being lifestyle, and here at Super Siberia, we understand that better than anyone. And thanks to our hard-working team, a group of both creative and fun internationals from all corners of the globe, our passion for cannabis helps us provide you with the one thing you truly need:

Cannabis with Care.

Our products are entirely organic. The tests they have undergone certify they’re safe, effective, and grown in sustainable farms, entirely handmade from plant based ingredients.

We know cannabis. We also know quality. We’ve created a knowledge based community to share our knowledge, vision, and allow our customers to grow with us.

We hate waste and love recycling. We want our beloved tiger to walk the lands with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

With ever-growing, eye-opening research being done on Cannabis, it’s hard to shy away from the new world we’re entering; a world that’s slowly leaving behind the taboo of Marijuana, and progressively embracing it, where Cannabis is being used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, without negative stigma or social repercussions. And at Super Siberia that’s exactly our Modus Operandi, to help portray this true and honest image of what Cannabis really is, all whilst removing the stigma.

We offer our customers a clear vision and path to understanding the beneficial properties of cannabis, all whilst offering high quality, 100% organic, sustainably-grown cannabis based products. The team is made up of professionals from all around the globe, with background experience in both the technological and cannabis industry, our innovative and creative mindset allows us to keep our clients on their toes, by matching their needs and going that little bit further too.

Everything from our CBD cosmetics to our collectable seeds have been lab-tested and meticulously chosen and studied by our team to guarantee, not only a premium quality of products, but also to make sure you, as a customer, have a product that you can rely on. Whether you’re just discovering this world of cannabis, or have been a part of it for years, Super Siberia caters to every need.

The name “Super Siberia” is inspired by Cannabis Ruderalis, a cannabis species that’s found in the wild in the Southern Siberian Altai Mountains. A sturdy plant that survives even through the most arduous of weathers and the hardest of winters, used for its medicinal properties, it was first classified by a Russian botanist way back in 1924. The seeds were later on brought to Amsterdam as to enhance the breeding program of major world-famous Dutch cannabis seed banks.

Just like a Siberian Ruderalis plant, we stay frosty and cool. Getting down to it, the team is always ready to get the job done, but we’re not afraid to have a laugh along the way too, so don’t be shocked if you find the odd pun or play-on-words as you browse the site. A charismatic, warm team that’s committed to offering a profuse customer service and a range of high graded products.

Super Siberia is the cannabis lifestyle choice for a better consciousness and wellbeing.

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