The 7 Dwarfs  Seeds

The 7 Dwarfs Seeds

Delivering cannabis seeds strains that take this development to the next level.

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The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank is the very latest cannabis breeder to bring a new range of feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds to the international market.

Automatic cannabis plants grow only a few sets of leaves before going very quickly into the flowering phase irrespective of the length of (day)light hours. It is because of this much sought after trait that it is possible to grow up to 3 crops outdoors per summer season even for people living in high latitudes.

Since the Joint Doctor launched his famous Lowryder strains several years ago what was initially thought by many to have been a passing fad has continued to grow in popularity at a quite amazing rate. Such is the demand for autoflowering / automatic seeds that new seed banks and strains have been popping up like…well, sprouting seeds!

The 7 Dwarfs seed bank promises to deliver cannabis seeds strains that take this development to the next level.

The 7 Dwarfs cannabis seeds range, focused on both exceptional quality and high yields, comprises mythologically-named strains such as Hercules, Colossus, Cyclops, Gigantes, Goliath, Trojan and Titan. All strains are feminised and have been bred with the ruderalis genes crossed with a mouthwatering selection of both cannabis indica and sativa genetics and all are ready to harvest in 9 weeks from seed and covered in snow white thc crystals! All 7 Dwarfs cannabis strains are suitable to be grown indoors, outdoors or in the green house.

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