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Devil’s Harvest Multi Award Winning Feminized and Regular Cannabis Seed Bank. Cannabis Seeds Shipped Discreetly To Your Door.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds have rapidly gained a reputation for producing unique cannabis strains, customers choose our genetics to achieve high yields. Our regular and feminized cannabis seeds are very reliable and have been bred to have the shortest possible flowering period.

Amsterdam has always led the way in creative breeding , our award-winning cannabis seedbank has taken the competition world by storm. We have won several high-profile Cannabis Cups. These include High Times Amsterdam, Spannabis & High Life to name but a few. This success has led to us garnering support from across the stoner universe, including some high-profile celebrity stoners.

With famous award winning strains like RollexOG, Strawberry Sour Diesel and Shoreline you will find the cup winning strain for you.

Here at The Devil’s Harvest Seeds, we want you to make the best informed decision possible. We want you to buy cannabis seeds based solely on your needs, not ours. We offer a wide selection of high quality cannabis seeds with different properties to ensure there’s something for every type of grower. With strong genetic make-ups, our weed strains are as diverse as they are robust. Use our tables and descriptions to choose the plant best suited to your needs. On the individual strain pages you will find all the information needed to help you make this decision. Just click the ‘Additional Information’ tab below the pictures to learn everything about the strain including Indica / Sativa balance, grow times, THC percentages and much more. Making the correct choice based on your recreational or medicinal cannabis requirements and skill level as a grower will help your plants to reach their full potential. You can buy cannabis seeds from us which are regular or feminized depending on your preference.


The stability of our genetics means that even an inexperienced grower can buy cannabis seeds here and get an award-winning result. That being said, some of our strains are better suited to novice growers. See individual strain descriptions to help you to buy cannabis seeds which are best suited to your skill level.


 When new growers buy cannabis seeds, they often wonder what the most effective method of storing them is. There are a number of key factors to take into account. For storage of up to 1 year, it should be sufficient to keep the seeds sealed in an air-tight container at a cool and steady temperature. For a longer period, we recommend taking additional precautionary measures. For periods of up to 2 years, we recommend keeping cannabis seeds in a refrigerator so as to prevent too much oscillation in temperature. We do not recommend keeping the seeds for more than 2 years. Although they should be fine, we feel that too many external factors have the potential to affect the seeds beyond that period. For more useful information on this and many other topics, please refer to our F.A.Q’s section.


Cannabis seeds can vary widely in appearance. They are normally light brown in colour and similar in size to the head of a match. Whilst the renowned “tiger stripe” print is reputed to produce the most vigorous plants, this view is misled and has no bearing on the final product. The tenacity or stability of the plant cannot be judged by examining a seed. It is also impossible to tell the difference between a regular and a feminized seed by appearance alone.


There is a lot of debate around whether higher quality cannabis is produced from an indoor or outdoor growing environment. Whilst there is a strong argument for both methods, high quality cannabis is ultimately grown by maintaining a steady, optimal growing environment and ensuring that your plants remain healthy throughout the entire process.

Growing indoors has many benefits compared to outdoors.  Firstly you can create a controlled environment which isn’t affected by the changing seasons. This leaves you free to cultivate at the time of year which best suits you. If growing outdoors, buy cannabis seeds with your geographical location in mind as this can also be a major factor. Some strains are better suited to certain climates.