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Original Amsterdam seedshop since 1985

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This is one of the oldest cannabis seed company in Europe and the entire globe. The Global seedbank or The Original Amsterdam Cannabis Seedshop is one of the highest quality cannabis cultivators in The Netherlands. Banking on cannabis cultivation that spanned more than three decades, the amsterdamseeds original team produces the highest quality Feminised and Regularised seeds. As the first online cannabis business, with a few years offline, The Global Seedbank original team has been re-assembled to produce the same cannabis strain the company was known for since 1985.

Prior to launching our own line of cannabis seeds in The Netherlands in 1985, the company only had regular seeds to offer its customer base. However, after building up valuable years of experience in growing cannabis seed strain in Holland, we were able to offer well-known quality cannabis in regular and feminized seeds, at a good price. With valuable budding experiences, accrued over the years, we were able to offer some auto-flower strains as well.

With our intense cultivation research that cut across different countries and continents, we have become the ‘get to’ company for any cannabis strains our customers are looking for. Whether you are looking for an Indica, a Sativa, or an auto-flowering strain, we are confident of satisfying the urge of every cannabis connoisseur. We produced all stable seeds. Since we are a company with an original team that pays the greatest attention to details when it comes to cultivation, we pride ourselves as a connoisseur of one of the oldest strains in cannabis seed history, leaving you to concentrate on raising the high-quality bud producing plants.

Since some of our seeds come in auto-flowering varieties, it takes mostly 8-10 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Since cultivating cannabis seeds is not an easy task in itself, we have offered our customers since we came together with an original genuine seed, in which even first time growers can achieve a good result and produce the finest quality cannabis. Over the years we have come to specialize in not only quality strains, but we have also been able to develop our own very private classic strains, our strains connoisseurs can select from, these strains include:


Global Seedbank has since inception lay emphasis on growing our seeds organically; the seeds are selected by hand and regularly tested to check the quality and rates of germination, packing them in strong protective packets from the environmental hazards to put them in the best possible conditions for our customers.

We have stuck with the use of our original packing label since 1985, thereby keeping prices fair through our simple seed packaging, at the same time, staying away from fancy packaging to make our seeds affordable to our customers.

At Amsterdam Seedbank, while we are concern with affordability, we are also concern with the dilution of the quality of our strains, this is the major reason why we have stayed away from selling to vendors, deviate from our very own commercial seedshops, ultimately retaining our signature entity as a breeder with a running mail-order service that has been active for more than 21 years, for a selected group of people around the world.

If you have any information you need, please visit our website here if you have any further inquiries. We are always happy to help!

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