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CBD Hemp Genetics, Developers of Cherry Wine. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Products

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Maximum Yield for Medical & Industrial Hemp | Full Menu of CBD/CBG Rich Heirloom Hemp Cultivars | Premium Genetics Through Innovation, Research, Development & Independent Testing.

Industry Leading Premium Genetics

  • At Tree of Life Seeds we develop new genetics, test thousands of phenotypes, isolate those phenotypes with modified cannabinoid profiles and test for stability and yield.
  • Through marker-assisted breeding and data collection across multiple data points, Tree of Life Seeds is able to develop industry-leading genetics.
  • Genetics developed by Tree of Life Seeds are some of the highest CBD cultivars on the market.

We Bring Our New and Existing Genetics to the Market Through:

  • Non-Replication, One-Time Use Agreements
  • Broad Licensing Agreements

Expect Maximum Merchandise Yield from Our Genetics

  • Dedicated Industry Professionals
  • Industry Leading Genetics
  • Research and Development focused on Industrial Hemp improvement
  • Innovative approach to bringing new varieties to the market


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