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Origin and Foundation

United Strains of America was founded in 2021 by two Southern California based friends with a shared lifelong passion for growing amazing cannabis. They are focused on cannabis strains suitable and tailored for growing in the USA climate zones.

Frequently Asked Questions about the company

Is United Strains of America legit?

After applying our Seed Bank Verification System we have determined that the company is legit. We have been investigating and we have found a legal company behind their brand name.

Where is the company based?

The company is located in California, USA

Products Information

They have a wide range of cannabis seeds catalog. You will find feminized, autoflowering, regular and CBD strains specially selected for the US climate.

Frequently Asked Questions about products

Are USoA genetics reputable?

Yes, they are. They have hundreds of carefully selected strains from all over the world, developed and tested by the most experienced growers in the USA.

Are they a breeders?

No, their seeds catalog come from a third party cannabis seeds providers.

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