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This is a story about Zamnesia, a European company with a burning passion for all things mind-altering. It will explain the interdimensional inception of this unique and taboo-embracing enterprise, which started from humble beginnings and evolved into a strong, cooperative team of 40 devotees to transcendent states and excellent customer service.

Zamnesia currently offers over 5,000 high-quality products, including over 3,000 feminized and autoflowering cannabis varieties, mushroom grow kits and laboratory supplies, vaporizers, entheogenic herbs and seeds, bongs, and CBD oils.

Our Cannabis Seedshop offers over 1,500 feminized and autoflowering varieties, featuring genetics from all across planet Earth. Everything from high-THC varieties that blast your psyche to CBD-rich strains that offer a subtle and clear-headed effect can be found in this shop. The diversity of this genetic library truly has something to satisfy everyone. There are small and fast-flowering autoflowering strains that perfectly suit covert and guerrilla growers, and massive, heavy-yielding, tree-like specimens ideal for outdoor cultivation in more exposed environments.


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