How do we verify seed banks?

In order to offer the most reputable Seed Banks, we have developed a verification method with which we can ensure a safe and reliable purchase.

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Seed Bank has an existing address*

We check the legal company information in order to verify if they are legit. 

Privacy and Return Policy*

All legitimate online businesses have a privacy and return policy, otherwise we cannot verify that it is reliable.

They have a corporate email

It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

They have a phone number

It is not mandatory to have a phone number but is a good signal of trust .

Customer Service Response Time

Our secret customer places an order and sends an email to the customer service. We take into account the response time.

3rd party reviews*

We look for references on the internet, if the seedbank has reviews on different sites like Growdiaries, Seed Finder, Reddit, Rollitup or Kiyoh.

Secure Online Store*

We check the online store sales funnel in order to verify the user experience and security environment.

Secure Payment Methods*

All legitimate online businesses have a secure payment methods, otherwise we cannot verify that it is reliable.

Social Media Accounts

We check Social Media accounts in order to know the number followers, last activity, etc. 

*All are mandatories to get a verified badge.

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