Trustpilot is closing cannabis seed banks accounts

Trustpilot is closing cannabis seed banks accounts

Trustpilot is a digital platform founded in 2007 with a vision to help consumers and businesses. They hosts more than 120 million reviews and +530.000 companies in 2021. In other words, Trustpilot is a place to leave reviews to help other consumers and to help companies to gain brand awardness.

Why is Truspilot closing cannabis business accounts?

Earlier 2021 the consumer review platform has started closing cannabis related businesses with no explanation.

This is the case of Herbies, ILGM, AMS, Seedsman, Neptune Seed Bank and Seed Supreme. The only message shown on closed cannabis accounts is:

“This profile is considered a bad fit for Trustpilot, so you can no longer review it. Any past reviews of this company are no longer visible on Trustpilot”

We have been investigating in their terms and conditions page and they define a “bad fit business” as follows:

“A business that doesn’t align with our ethical standards is added to Trustpilot, we’ll take steps to remove and block them from our platform.”

In conclusion they don’t want companies offering illegal products and services; illegal drugs, prescription drugs sold on the illegal market, as they mention on their terms and conditions policy.

Where can cannabis seed banks have reviews with no fear?

Everybody in the marijuana market knows all problems and accounts closed by popular platforms as youtube, facebook or instagram. Those companies played dirty with cannabis industry. We know all the time, efforts and money wasted in those platforms and the worse thing, the fear of opening a new account from the scratch.

For this reason we have launched Seed Bank Finder, to help cannabis seeds companies to increase sales and brand awardness and to have a permanent place where their users can leave reviews with confidence, and the best thing, with no fear of account closing.

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